About Fatimat

Welcome to Je Gbese and thank you for stopping by! I created this blog in 2017 to share my journey with plant-based eating and my path to financial independence.

Once in my early twenties. I was able to save near $20k and pay off debt. I even had enough to potentially put down a downpayment on a home. But instead, I rented a 1 bedroom apartment in which I invested a lot into making my space mine. Within a year, I accumulated debt again and found my self back in the rat race.

I graduated undergrad in 2011 with practically 0 debt thanks to my parents. However, my eagerness to gain a second degree cost me over $40,000 dollars. So in 2017, I realize I had to do something about it.

During this time I watched What the Health and realized that meat was something I needed to give up for me. So I want to take you on a journey to show you that eating plant-based is not expensive at all.